We love our volunteers at Mother Teresa!!

We know that you have gifts to share with our school. We also know that you are busy, and your time is valuable. There are many opportunities for you to contribute to our school community.

Help support literacy in our school!

If you have some time during the school day, please consider helping our school librarian with reshelving books and other tasks. Drop by the library to speak with her.

There are many ways to help throughout the year!

  • If you prefer to come help during the day, you can assist as a classroom or library helper, or support fund-raising efforts.
  • If you are more likely to have time to contribute on evenings and weekends, you could attend school council meetings; complete tasks for teachers at home (cutting out materials, stapling, etc.); deliver donated supplies to charitable organizations.
  • If you have materials that can be donated, there are a number of different ways that these can enhance learning at our school: granola bars for students who forget their lunches; bottle deposit refunds that can be transferred to school accounts; soup labels for fund-raising programs; crafting materials for classroom projects.
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