Gregory Oppedisano

Teachers - Junior High - Gr. 7


Greg Oppedisano was born in Thunder Bay Ontario and spent much of his youth pretending to be an Elf ranger. In university he prefered dressing up as a Voyageur or a Gentleman Partner in the North West Company working as a historical actor at Old Fort William Historical Park. His dreams of a professional Football career were shattered by a combination of lack of size and talent and faced with the tragic realization that it was no longer the year 1815, Greg rededicated himself to his studies earning a Bachelor of History, a Bachelor of English and a Bachelor of Education at Lakehead University and pursuing his Masters of Education at the University of Victoria. The Canadian debt crisis of the 1990’s sent this promising young, and recently married, teacher to South Korea in search of work… many strange adventures ensued. Returning to Canada – Greg was permanently exiled to arctic edges of civilization as punishment for crimes that have been struck from history - he is definately NOT in the witness protection program and he maintains his innocence on a regular basis to this day.  An avid fan of gaming, fantasy and science fiction – when not teaching Greg can be found playing, designing, and writing table top Role Playing Games as a freelancer for a variety of publishers. Married and blessed a very patient wife, and with three little goblin children, Greg now spends most of his time wondering if and when he will ever have an afternoon nap again…

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