Lorie Kramer

Teachers - Elementary - Gr5Mont


Welcome to Grade 5 Montessori.  My name is Lorie Kramer.  I have been teaching in the Grande Prairie Catholic School District for more than 25 years (Yikes I just aged myself - a lot!).   I have been at Mother Teresa Catholic School since it opened in 2009.

Your child will be a part of many opportunities, discoveries and learning experiences in grade 5 Montessori.  You will see your child mature and become a more responsible student as they acquire new skills.  This year the growth students will achieve is enormous.  I encourage you to be involved in your child’s learning.  I believe every child has the right to the best education possible.  To achieve this I place high expectations on myself as a teacher and expect the very best from every student according to their ability. 

Every parent/guardian wants their child to be a success.  Most daily work can be completed during class time.  If additional work or practice is needed, homework will be assigned.  Through my experience, the children who excel are those who spend extra time reading at home. 

We must work together to ensure your child’s success.  Please expect a phone call from me if your child is not trying their best or when they deserve a pat on the back.

Our classroom door is always open for you to come in and see what is going on.