All new & returning students requesting to ride must apply by June 30, 2023 - Click Here!

Dear parents and guardians;

All new and returning students requesting to ride the bus this coming year must apply for a 2023-2024 bus pass by June 30th, 2023.

Did you know?
Only some students qualify for government-funded bussing. Those who do not qualify may or may not be eligible to purchase a yearly bus pass ($320.00 per student/year), and there are some situations where a bus pass is unavailable.

Does your child qualify to apply for a bus pass?
To find out if your child qualifies to apply for bussing CLICK HERE.

  • The information in this tab is broken down into “eligible to ride,” “may or may not be eligible to ride,” and “not eligible to ride.”

If you qualify to apply, DO NOT DELAY! Apply for your child’s bus pass TODAY!



  • Deadline: Applying for a bus pass AFTER June 30th may cause a delay in receiving your bus pass this September.
  • Grace Period: After a short grace period in September, all riders are required to have a valid bus pass when boarding the bus.
  • Payment: Bus Pass payment (if applicable) is included in your fall school fee statement that is issued early in October.
  • Additional Information: All other information regarding Busing can be found in our Busing & Transportation website tab by CLICKING HERE.
  • Need Help? For immediate assistance, contact your child's school office, or you can also contact our busing and transportation department at [email protected]
Step by Step Instructions: